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A gorgeous house, the former residence of the gentry. A unique environment with a huge garden in the heart of downtown Barcelona. 15 elegant rooms have the most exquisite design with all the services from a luxury hotel but furthermore personalized. And the best cuisine internationally recognized. In AbaC Restaurant & Hotel our guests have the most well-known and special recognition

Petit Salon

A private room specially decorated for up to 20 people. Also named "La Librería" offers warmth and comfort to intimate dinners or family groups

ABaC Lounge

For an aperitif, relax or chat about the experience in ABaC. Our Lounge is located in the old garages of the building allows you to enter the interiors of this Tibidabo house


Located on the main floor, this 100m2 space indicates the importance of the kitchen in ABaC. Formerly it was a small theater and in it, its former owners practiced the arts of Bel Canto


Artrivity Disseny

Joan Valera, Marco Pastori, Blai Carda,  ABaC Group